WW archive > Issue 1103 - 21 April 2016

One, two, three revolutions

Jack Conrad argues that democracy in the United States is corrupted and far from complete. The working class must finish what 1775 began


Crystal-clear; Wrong question; Solved; Kangaroo court; Bourgeois; Collaboration; Reactionary; No analysis; Connolly’s fight; Savage state; £150 a week

Openness is a weapon

The Weekly Worker’s commitment to open reporting on the affairs of the labour movement is not a fetish, but a political necessity, argues Paul Demarty

Much ado about nothing

History does repeat itself, says Eddie Ford. Just as with the 1975 referendum, once again we have a government trying to pull a fast one

Solidarity and concrete action

Last weekend’s demonstration was dominated by the politics of Corbynism, writes Peter Manson

Two boosts

Robbie Rix is pleased this week, but still reminds you that the paypal button is not merely decorative

Populism, nationalism and racism

Fred Leplat (ed), 'The far right in Europe', Resistance Books and International Institute for Research and Education, London 2015, pp334, £12

Don’t support Clinton

Sanders should build on what has been achieved by standing as an independent, urges Tom Munday

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