WW archive > Issue 1093 - 11 February 2016


Sensible; Half a loaf; Fabian Corbyn; Paradox; Voting to leave; Lesser evil?; New EU movement; NUM defamation

Selling a pig in a poke

Communists cannot support either a ‘remain’ or a ‘leave’ vote, writes Eddie Ford

The problem of unequal abilities

Should socialists aim to offer incentives to the ‘gifted and talented’? Marc Mulholland looks at how the question has been dealt with historically

Don’t fall for the lies

Our action is aimed at the government and NHS employers, not patients, writes Richard Galen

Going nowhere fast

The present period is one of transition, argues Hillel Ticktin. But how can we escape from the current impasse?

A spy in the house of drudge

Geoff Andrews The shadow man: at the heart of the Cambridge spy circle IB Tauris, 2015, pp276, £20

Scams we are still paying for

Michael Roberts reviews: Adam McKay (director/co-writer) The big short 2015, general release

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