WW archive > Issue 1071 - 13 August 2015

Blairites will resort to sabotage

With the final membership surge we must begin to think about a Corbyn-led Labour Party and how to defeat the right wing, says Eddie Ford


Overexcited; Desperate; Excellent; Endorsement; Rational face; CPGB smear; Anti-Semitism; Free Steve; Calais mob; Debs v Diamond; Polish blood; Not all over; Chicken harvest; Dialectics; Crucial; State obligation

Sad degeneration

What does Arthur think about backing Yvette? Dave Douglass reports

A constitution fit for purpose

The Communist Platform has agreed to submit an alternative constitution for Left Unity at the November 21-22 national conference, when a whole day has been put aside to discuss the question. The current constitution, widely regarded as being unfit for purpose, stretches to 6,000 words and the CP is proposing it should be replaced by this much shorter and more concise document

The bitter taste of capitalism

James Linney reviews Robert Lustig's 'Fat chance: the hidden truth about sugar, obesity and disease,' Forthestate, 2013, pp320, £8.99

Youth and students conference

Callum Williamson reports on the progress of the Left Unity Youth and Student Caucus

Signs of desperation

The largest organisations of the far left still cannot get their heads around the Corbyn campaign, laments Paul Demarty

World’s most racist state

All pretensions of adherence to basic democratic values are being abandoned, writes Tony Greenstein

Socialism from below: a delusion

We need to go far beyond slogans, urges Mike Macnair

One shameful U-turn after another

In the name of the ‘next stage of the revolution’, reports Yassamine Mather, the SWP and its co-thinkers are once again backing the Muslim Brotherhood

Dylan and the dead

Bob Dylan’s electric set at the Newport Folk Festival 50 years ago continues to bring out the worst Stalinist inclinations of today’s left, writes Howard Phillips

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