Rightwing panic grows

Ordinary leftwing activists are using the weapons supplied by the right against the right, says Eddie Ford. Things will never be quite the same again

With the ballot papers due to be sent out on August 14, Jeremy Corbyn still maintains his lead in the Labour leadership contest. Private polling by the Daily Mirror has Corbyn way ahead on 42%, with Blairite clones Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham trailing behind on 22.6% and 20% respectively.1 As for Liz Kendall, who could have been selected by Tory Party central casting, she is obviously out of the race on 14%.

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Told you so; Frontrunner; Unity; Fenland Labour; Teesside LU; Personalised; Principled move; Bastards; Engels wrong

You can’t just sit and wait

Critique editor Hillel Ticktin takes issue with the line of the Weekly Worker. He spoke to Mark Fischer

Syriza and the left

We need a real working class strategy, says Daniel Harvey

The red and the green

Ken Loach (director) Jimmy’s hall 2014.

Erdoğan’s twin strategy

Turkey’s ‘game-changer’ has exposed the illusions of sections of the left, writes Yassamine Mather

Dissolve the party and elect another

As the Labour leadership contest gets ugly, William Kane begins to worry about the sanity of the bourgeois press

Opposition in limbo

The SACP grip over the workers’ movement remains strong, writes Peter Manson

Wrecking the peace process

Under the pretext of joining in the fight against IS, writes Esen Uslu, the Turkish state has unleashed a ferocious assault on the PKK

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