WW archive > Issue 106 - 10 August 1995

US state’s licence to kill

Mumia Abu-Jamal was due to be executed on August 17. How long will the US state get away with murder?


SWP communists?; ‘Communist’ in name; Victorian chauvinism

Labour’s army of snoopers

Campbell stitch-up

Squeezing out profit

Russia calls

From The Communist, paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain, August 12 1920

Communist Party Offensive 95

Stageist road to socialism

Danny Hammill responds to the debate on the national question

Lenin’s misused consul

Jack Conrad reviews ‘John Maclean and the CPGB’ by Robert Pitt (London 1995, pp44, £1.50)

Who are the good guys in Bosnia?

War in the Balkans

Greater Serbia shrinks

Serbs flee Krajina by the thousand

Irish hunger strike protest

Blair rules OK

John Prescott: “Quite happy now”

Labour strike breakers

Ghosts in the machine

Dundee faces wrath of Godfrey’s

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