WW archive > Issue 1052 - 02 April 2015

After the death of Jesus

According to western Christian mythology, Jesus died on Good Friday and came back to life three days later on what we now call Easter Monday. But, argues Jack Conrad, Jesus and his first followers were not Christians, but Jewish revolutionaries. It was Paul who invented Christianity


Response; Trick questions; Not supportable; Proud; Help needed; Peasants; Loonar theories; Clarification

Secrets and lies

The left supports freedom of information and condemns trials where the public are barred. However, what passes for justice in our movement often leaves much to be desired, writes Paul Demarty

Left makes modest gains in internal elections

All of the three main factions have something to celebrate, writes Peter Manson

Youth and students get organised

Callum Williamson reports on the successful founding conference of the new caucus

Ready to drink from the poisoned cup?

While Iran’s negotiators haggle, the supreme leader is using Shia advances in Iraq and the Houthi civil war in Yemen to divert attention from a possible beyond-the-wire nuclear deal in Lausanne. Yassamine Mather reports on latest developments

Keeping Cameron out

Sections of the establishment are worried by the prospect of a Labour-SNP lash-up, writes Eddie Ford

Impervious to lessons

Familiar bureaucratic maneuvering brought an end to the Miner's Strike, writes Mark Fischer

Second time as farce

The decline of Britain as an imperial power is symbolised by the funeral of Richard III, argues Mike Macnair

Keeping pace

Your love is not enough, says Robbie Rix

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