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Mission Mars and the final frontier

The successful Orion flight has revived dreams of returning to the moon or even going straight to Mars. Yet, no matter how marvellous the technology, Jack Conrad warns that the left would be ill-advised to cheer on the project


Lenin rules; Déjà vu; Qs for Eddie; Roy Bhaskar; Abuse abstention; No to extremism

Playing on the fields of Eton

The shadow education secretary has been accused of fighting the class war. Not true, says Micky Coulter, but Labour does have a class-based strategy

SACP splits unions down the middle

Peter Manson reports on the expulsion of Cosatu’s biggest affiliate

Chancellor’s book of doom

George Osborne’s autumn statement promises continued austerity and increased attacks on the working class, writes Eddie Ford. But what is the left’s alternative?

Ramsay MacKinnock and Judas Willis - Dump them!

The tone of this Jack Conrad front page from the December 1984 issue of The Leninist reflects the urgent situation the miners found themselves in at the end of the year. With the divisions in the union’s ranks hardening and the lack of effective solidarity from the wider workers’ movement, the strike was approaching a crossroads. While there was still everything to fight for, there were some ominous storm clouds gathering

To piece together what has been smashed

Walter Benjamin Radio Benjamin Verso, 2014, pp389, £16.99

Where left populism leads

Those who have had such high hopes in Podemos will surely see them dashed, says Daniel Harvey

No guarantees

Robbie Rix has a touching faith in you, dear readers

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