The strange case of the closeted Lenin

According to comrades in the Socialist Workers Party, Lenin was a hypocrite who did not say what he thought. In this article, based on a speech to a London Communist Forum, Lars T Lih puts the record straight

First of all let me say that it is very complimentary to have two critiques - one substantial, one not - of my views on Lenin recently published. The first is by Kevin Corr and Gareth Jenkins of the Socialist Workers Party1 and the second is written by Peter Taaffe of the Socialist Party in England and Wales.2

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Abandoned; Contradictory; Safe enough; Agency appeal; Another con; Celtic disgust; Capital idea

Positive and realistic

Yorkshire and Humber regional committee met last weekend. Mike Copestake reports

A people’s history of heckling

Attempts to ban heckling are designed to disempower the weak, argues Paul Demarty

Anti-migrant snake oil

Cameron’s immigration speech was an attempt to out-Labour Labour, says Eddie Ford

Intensification or resolution?

As the miner's strike approached a crossroads, president of Kent NUM Malcolm Pitt spoke to The Leninist

Committed revolutionary

John Robinson, 1926-2014

Organisation, consciousness and knack of falling apart

Simon Hardy A strategy for Left Unity: lessons from the European left International Socialist Network, 2014, pp34

Ireland: We need a united Marxist party

The revolt against water charges poses sharp questions for the left, writes Anne McShane

New, improved

Now in Technicolor, 3D and 4K-ready... well, maybe not the last two

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