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The strange case of the closeted Lenin

According to comrades in the Socialist Workers Party, Lenin was a hypocrite who did not say what he thought. In this article, based on a speech to a London Communist Forum, Lars T Lih puts the record straight


Abandoned; Contradictory; Safe enough; Agency appeal; Another con; Celtic disgust; Capital idea

Positive and realistic

Yorkshire and Humber regional committee met last weekend. Mickey Coulter reports

A people’s history of heckling

Attempts to ban heckling are designed to disempower the weak, argues Paul Demarty

Anti-migrant snake oil

Cameron’s immigration speech was an attempt to out-Labour Labour, says Eddie Ford

Intensification or resolution?

As the miner's strike approached a crossroads, president of Kent NUM Malcolm Pitt spoke to The Leninist

Committed revolutionary

John Robinson, 1926-2014

Organisation, consciousness and knack of falling apart

Simon Hardy A strategy for Left Unity: lessons from the European left International Socialist Network, 2014, pp34

Ireland: We need a united Marxist party

The revolt against water charges poses sharp questions for the left, writes Anne McShane

New, improved

Now in Technicolor, 3D and 4K-ready... well, maybe not the last two

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