WW archive > Issue 1018 - 10 July 2014

Incomprehensible and erroneous

Did the tendency for the rate of profit to fall cause the crisis of 2008-09? Bruce Wallace and Steve Dobbs reply to Arthur Bough


Unionist dupes; Hipster; Safely spaced; Bad faith; Purist; Looking tired

Balkanising the web

Government oppression and ‘right to be forgotten’ legislation threatens internet freedom, argues Eddie Ford

ANC hold on unions weakens

The metalworkers are seeking to emulate the success of the platinum strikers, writes Peter Manson

Descent into regional chaos, horror and fragmentation

Bush and Blair promised democracy and prosperity, writes Yassamine Mather - a lie echoed by their social-imperialist allies

Treating people like toy soldiers results in frivolous politics

Alex Callinicos is trying to talk about strategy and patience, but his tongue is tied by his organisation’s disastrous errors, argues Paul Demarty

Zionist racism on display

The disparity in the treatment of two bereaved families is a direct consequence of a Jewish state, writes Tony Greenstein

We're off!

Our annual Summer Offensive is off on the right foot, reports Mark Fischer

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