WW archive > Issue 1012 - 29 May 2014

Left unity: Safe spaces are not liberating

Mike Macnair puts forward an alternative to Left Unity’s draft ‘safe spaces’ policy


Abstract; Spoiler; PCS controversy; Migration error; EDL reception; Training process; Dreary; Bravo; Capital assets

May 22 results: Once again a sorry joke

The left’s election results reflect its lack of social roots, reports Peter Manson

BNP: Death bed performance

Back in the real world, writes Eddie Ford, it was the BBC that ‘did’ Nick Griffin - not Unite Against Fascism or Hope Not Hate

Europe: Alternative to populism

Have the courage to think of a different Europe, urges Yassamine Mather

Scotland: Nothing progressive about nationalism

Sarah McDonald reports on a clumsy attempt to railroad Left Unity Scotland into support for a ‘yes’

India: Modi-fication of democracy

The seeds sown by Congress have borne authoritarian fruit, writes Murzban Jal

May 22: Reaction on the march

Good results for Ukip, and a lukewarm reception for Labour - Paul Demarty argues that the election results exemplify society’s rightward drift

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