The real price of coal

Privatisation and intensified competition has driven the attack on mining safety standards everywhere, writes David Douglass of the National Union of Mineworkers

Soma illustrates how the value of miners’ lives is linked to the price of coal, just as it was in Victorian Britain. The recent denationalisation of the Turkish coal industry brought with it a squeeze on safety standards and workers’ rights, just as it did here.

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The CPGB's techies introduce our paper's new website

Lack of democracy, lack of safety

Soma exposes the double brutality of Turkey’s crony capitalism, writes Esen Uslu

Triumph of the butcher of Gujarat

There is a real danger of a wave of reaction following the general election, warns Jim Moody

Italy: Courtrooms and backhanders

The corruption that afflicts the highest echelons of Italian society is reminiscent of the series of scandals that led to the downfall of the First Republic, writes Toby Abse

Regime still on the ropes

Deadlock over nuclear negotiations has exacerbated tensions both inside and outside Iran, notes Yassamine Mather

We are the 0.00001%

Despite the sharp rise in income inequality, Osborne’s ‘plan A’ gamble might still pay off, writes Eddie Ford

Interview: Don't march with nationalists

Tina Becker spoke to Sandy McBurney of Glasgow Left Unity about the September 18 referendum

Ukraine: Economistic wishful thinking

There is far more at stake than wages, says Paul Demarty


Robbie Rix is cracking open the bubbly

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