WW archive > Issue 1007 - 24 April 2014

Cameron decides to do god

Regardless of whether Britain is a ‘Christian country’ or not, says Eddie Ford, communists fight for the separation of church and state


Misrepresented; Junk theories; Two theories; Trot pox; Co-op options; Scab role; Money counts; Levellers

May 22: Vote Tusc, vote left

In the absence of Labour anti-cuts candidates, Peter Manson calls for critical support for the left in next month’s local elections

Left Unity: Political clarity first

The Communist Platform is standing four candidates in regional elections to the NC; Mark Fischer explains where and why

Miners: Crisis of leadership

A reprint from the Leninist, forerunner of the WW, on the crucial need for politics

Triumph of Afro-Caribbean art

Roy Williams Kingston 14 Theatre Royal, Stratford; ends April 26

Clara Zetkin: Preached principle, promoted unity

Marilyn J Boxer and John S Partington (eds) Clara Zetkin: national and international contexts Socialist History Society occasional publications, series No31, pp118, £7

Birmingham schools panic: Horses for courses

The Birmingham school panic is an ironic product of post-Thatcher Britain, writes Paul Demarty

You can do it!

Robbie Rix is using the power of positive thinking

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