Out of pocket

Robbie Rix was close, but had no cigar

Despite some last-minute donations, we just failed to make our £1,500 fighting fund target for March. We were £299 short at the start of the week, and we have ended up £76 out of pocket, having raised £1,425.

PD (£25) and TT (£20) did their best with their PayPal donations, while comrade RG actually doubled his annual subscription to add a fantastic £60. Then we had standing order payments from JT (£75), PM (£30), CC (£5) and RL (£10), plus £19 written off by PM in unclaimed postage. So £224 in five days isn’t bad, but once again we are falling just that bit short. And it all adds up!

As for April’s fund, which is just a couple of days old, as usual we got off to a good start, thanks to all those start-of-the-month standing orders - £186-worth, all told. Thank you, comrades II, SD, MM, PM, YM, BG, TB, SW, LW, DL, EO, AD and JS, for your regular contributions ranging from £6 to £36!

But we could do with a few more of them. Or how about making a bank transfer? Using your online account, send your donation to account number 00744310 (sort code 30-99-64) or, if you are outside the UK, the IBAN number is GB51LOYD30996400744310.

But I really would like to make the full £1,500 this month. We have £186 and now we could do with your help.

Robbie Rix