WW archive > Issue 1004 - 04 April 2014

Left Unity: 'Moderate' party takes shape

The new formation has adopted its first policies. Peter Manson reports on the LU conference


Same message; Attrition; Same evils; Workers' pie; SRCM welcome

Border controls: Reactionary by nature

The issue of open borders has provoked some controversy in the WW letters page. This motion from the Stuttgart Congress of 1907 is part of the proud history of our movement on this question

Osborne’s plans for election victory

This year’s budget was meant to make older voters feel good and keep the housing bubble inflated. Eddie Ford looks back to March 19

Fighting for Marxism

Communist Students member Robert Hayes outlines the platform he is standing on for the National Union of Students ‘block of 15’

SWP: Sign of the times

What’s wrong with ‘paraphernalia’, asks Tom Munday

Review: Dialectics and systems theory

Richard Levins and Richard Lewontin; 'Biology under the influence', New York 2013, pp400, £17.95

Review: Class difference and sexual passion

Abdellatif Kechiche (director); 'Blue is the warmest colour'

Gay marriage: The road from the margins

The legalisation of gay marriage is a victory for sexual freedom - but, in this society, a fragile one, argues Paul Demarty

Out of pocket

Robbie Rix was close, but had no cigar

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