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AMMs or GCs?

Labour First, the LRC and the CLPD all vigorously oppose all-members meetings, while Momentum is in favour. But it really is a question of tactics, argues Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Migrant sex mob hysteria

Instead of fighting for open borders and internationalism, the left in Germany has joined the ruling class in its collective embarrassment, says Tina Becker

Policies of other organisations

Within the limits of principle everyone in Left Unity must have the right to put forward their own politics, writes Tina Becker

Sectarian anti-sectarianism

The fallout from Greece and an attempt to boot out Workers Power have aroused passions in Yorkshire Left Unity. Mickey Coulter and Tina Becker report

Dangerous delusions

Ukip is far from ‘defeated’, says Tina Becker - but that does not stop sections of the left talking nonsense

Just a waste of money?

The hype surrounding the birth of Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Windsor once again shows that we need to fight for a different world, says Tina Becker

Victims of capitalism

The needless death of hundreds of refugees puts the left to the test, says Tina Becker

At the hustings

Left Unity candidates give more responses to the Communist Platform's questions

Candidates give their answers

These are the questions posed by the Communist Platform to those standing for the leadership

Nationalism and role of Pegida

Tina Becker examines the impact of Germany’s new rightwing force

Trampling over red lines

The appointment of Die Linke’s first regional prime minister will mark a ‘historic’ day for the establishment, says Tina Becker. Left Unity should urgently learn the lessons

Interview: Don't march with nationalists

Tina Becker spoke to Sandy McBurney of Glasgow Left Unity about the September 18 referendum

Safe spaces cotton wool

Tina Becker reports on the development of the Sheffield branch of Left Unity

Bureaucratic fist tightens

Tina Becker reports that the ESF is in great danger of being totally taken over by Ken Livingstone - with the full support of his little helpers in the Socialist Workers Party

Setting another agenda

Tina Becker on another stitch up in the European Social Forums

Bureaucratic grip tightens

The London Mayor is in control of preparations for the European Social Forum. Tina Becker reports