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Understanding poststructuralism

We need to debate the development of diverse ideas and movements in their historical context, both before and after 1968. Only then can Marxism recover and move forward, argues Rex Dunn

Poststructuralism and decline

Rex Dunn argues that sexism within the left is not the root cause for the rise of political correctness and identity politics

Rearming the April theses

With the help of some new insights, Rex Dunn argues that Lars T Lih’s continuity theory does not stand up, despite the new evidence he has uncovered

Crisis and degeneration

David E Lowes (editor), Arthur Ransome Three accounts of revolutionary Russia Red Revenant, 2017, £6.90, pp212

Witnesses of the revolution

Rex Dunn reviews: David E Lowes (editor), 'Bessie Beatty on revolutionary Russia', Red Revenant, 2017, £6.99, pp256 and, David E Lowes (editor), 'Arthur Ransome Three accounts of Revolutionary Russia Red Revenant', 2017, £6.90, pp212

Karl Marx and ‘eco-Marxism’

The threat of ‘ecocidal capitalism’ is linked to the absence of a class-conscious international proletariat, writes Rex Dunn

Mayakovsky and the avant garde

What was the truth about Soviet art? Rex Dunn looks at the real reasons behind its decay

Flee, die or receive baptism?

Rex Dunn reviews: Mihail Sebastian, 'For two thousand years', Penguin Modern Classics, 2016, pp231, £9.99

Reclaim the heritage

Rex Dunn concludes his exploration of Marx’s concept of the human

Filling the gaps

Rex Dunn continues his exploration of Karl Marx’s concept of the human

Marx’s concept of the human

Rex Dunn begins his three-part exploration of Marx’s essentialism, the nature of the epoch, decline and transition

Apples and pears

Rex Dunn reviews: James Ensor exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, ends January 29 and Robert Rauschenberg exhibition, Tate Modern, ends April 2

It ain’t dark yet

Rex Dunn reviews: Philip K Dick, 'Do androids dream of electric sheep?' Free download:

Curious delay and publication switch

Rexx Dunn reviews: 'Victor Serge and Natalia Sedova Trotsky The life and death of Leon Trotsky', Haymarket Books, 2016, pp396, £12.99

For Marx, against Althusser

What is the nature of art under capitalism? Rex Dunn responds to Paul Demarty

Saint of mediocrity

Karl Ove Knausgaard, A man in love, Vintage Books, 2014, pp664, £8.99

Review: Just a writer of women’s fiction?

Rex Dunn reviews Rachel Cusk,'Outline', Vintage, 2014, pp249, £8.99

Not a lot has changed

Rex Dunn reviews: Hamid Ismailov The underground Restless Books, 2015, pp279, £10.99

Gun violence and atomisation

It is not only pacifists who have doubts about the right to bear arms, writes Rex Dunn

Is this a Greek new wave?

Rex Dunn reviews: Yorgos Lanthimos (director); The Lobster, general release

No to ‘Marxist art’

We need a Marxist theory of art, argues Rex Dunn

Thoughts on Karl Marx and art

A communist revolution in art will break down the barriers between ordinary people and artists as specialist labourers under capitalism, says Rex Dunn