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Where next for Nupes?

René Gimpel reports on the enthusiasm and success brought about by uniting the left, but warns of the dangers and pitfalls that come with a flawed programme

Commitment and collectivity

René Gimpel continues his examination of the conflict between Jean-Paul Sartre’s political and philosophical passions

Individualism or class struggle?

René Gimpel examines the philosophical and political development of Jean-Paul Sartre, and his fraught relationship with the French Communist Party

Macron exposes divisions

The unions are split over the new laws. René Gimpel reports on the compromises and the protests

Macron’s crushing majority

Despite the poor performance of the left René Gimpel expects militant action

Difficult times ahead

Macron appears to be hankering after some form of Gaullist rule. But what of the left? René Gimpel looks at the programmes, prospects and divisions in the run-up to the June 18 elections

Will Macron have a majority?

In June there will be a general election in France as well as the UK. René Gimpel looks at the main contenders

The artist must take sides

Exhibition: Conscience and conflict: British artists and the Spanish Civil War Pallant House Gallery, Chichester until February 15, 2015; then Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, from March 7 to June 7