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March of time

There were peaceful multitudes from front to end. Ian Spencer reports on London’s giant demonstration

Anatomy of genocide

Targeting of health infrastructure is definite policy. Ian Spencer assesses the terrible human cost of the Israeli assault since October 7

Genocide in Gaza

Electricity cut off, no petrol, an absence of drinkable water, together with grotesquely reduced healthcare, all point in one direction, warns Ian Spencer

Blood on their hands

Ian Spencer examines the infected blood scandal. A tale of political incompetence, corporate greed, imperialism and extreme poverty

Road leading nowhere

After 75 years the NHS has been driven into permanent crisis. The government’s ‘comprehensive workforce plan’ is no solution, it is mere electioneering, writes Ian Spencer

Not all in the mind

There is likely to be an acute crisis when the Met police stop responding to mental health calls. Ian Spencer takes us from Bethlem to Huntercombe via Enoch Powell

Defending the right to oppress

Ian Spencer gives his take on the trial of the Shenstone Six after their militant protest against Elbit Systems