WW archive > Issue 987 - 21 November 2013

China: Beijing’s new turn

As the third plenum shows, China is moving towards some form of state capitalism, writes Eddie Ford


Vision ; Vicious admins ; Enemy union ; Cynicalists ; Gambling fix; Take your pick ; Ethnic hypocrisy ; Out of touch ; Read up ; Mick Renwick ; Hunger strike

Die Linke: Courtship with an eye on 2017

The latest developments in German politics should serve as a reality check for the ‘broad party’ advocates in this country, argues Ben Lewis

Syriza: Looking to its right

Syriza has been held up as a party that should be emulated. Daniel Harvey examines the reality

Lukács: The philosophy trap

György Lukács provided the ‘theoretical overkill’ for the bureaucratic centralism of groups like the SWP, argues Mike Macnair

Anthropology: Luxemburg was right

How do Rosa Luxemburg’s ideas on primitive communism stand up today? This is an edited version of a speech given by Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group to this month’s Historical Materialism conference

IT house of cards

There is a disaster waiting to happen in information technology, warns Amir Parviz Pouyan

Tories: Unite in the crosshairs

The right’s crusade against Britain’s biggest union continues, reports Paul Demarty

Week after week

Robbie Rix on this weeks Labour Party Marxists supplement, the upcoming Left Unity special, and the importance of donating

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