UWC calls for 100,000 signatures in health campaign

THE Unemployed Workers Charter has launched a campaign for 100,000 signatures on its petition against hospital closures and redundancies in the health industry.

UWC supporters have already collected thousands of names on petitions in local work around the country. “This new initiative,” says Mark Fischer, UWC organiser, “aims to build on all that good local work and give it a national focus.”

Honorary president of the UWC Vic Turner called for full support for the UWC’s petition from the wider workers’ movement. “Unity is the key,” he underlined. “The Tories are out to divide us and set one group of workers against another. That is why the UWC’s health campaign is an important blow for workers’ unity in struggle for what we need.”

The completed petition will be delivered to health secretary Virginia Bottomley - or her replacement - by a delegation including Vic Turner and healthworkers’ representatives in August.