WW archive > Issue 969 - 04 July 2013

South Africa: Governmental communists turn to witch-hunting

Outsiders are used to explain away the class struggle, writes Peter Manson


Secularism; Psychiatric; Class heritage; Marxist box; Vanguarding

Labour: Fearful of putting people off

Stan Keable reports from a recent LRC National Committee meeting

LRC: Left in the dark

There are rumours flying around about goings-on at the top of the Labour Representation Committee, the left-Labour umbrella group. Harley Filben peers into an atmosphere of secrecy...

Egypt: Not the next stage of the revolution

Continued economic decline sealed the fate of the Muslim Brotherhood, writes Yassamine Mather. But martial law also represents a defeat for the working class and democracy

Vatican: Rotten to the core

The money-laundering scandal has confirmed that Vatican corruption cannot be put down to isolated individuals, writes Toby Abse

By their friends shall you know them

Backed to the hilt by the west, tiny Qatar is a monarchical dictatorship. Yet, observes Eddie Ford, it is also an enthusiastic supporter of the ‘Syrian revolution’ so lauded by the SWP

World economy: Unforseen consequences

The market has failed and cannot but fail. Yet there are small intimations of fundamental change, argues Critique editor Hillel Ticktin

Summer Offensive: Running costs

Events like CU and the regular (miraculous) publication of the Weekly Worker deserves the support of every reader, says Mark Fischer

Socialist Party/CWI: Rudeness and revolution

The Committee for a Workers’ International should not insist on micro-managing debates, argues Paul Demarty

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