Touching distance

Robbie Rix on what could be a close-run Fighting Fund

With a week to go before the end this month’s fighting fund, we are within touching distance of our £1,500 target. Thanks to donations amounting to over £400 this week (£401 actually!), our total now stands at £1,104. Which means that we need the same amount again this coming week.

The bulk of the contributions over the last seven days came in the shape of four substantial standing orders - let me thank that old stalwart, SK, for his brilliant £230 and MM for his generous £75. And a new donor, EW, has given £25 - the same amount as DT.

We also received two rather more modest PayPal gifts - a fiver each from CA and RW. But I have to say that a total of £10 from 11,056 online readers last week is not a huge return. Finally comrade OG added the rather eccentric, but nonetheless welcome, sum of £36 to her £30 subscription.

I am confident that by this time next week we will have the £396 we still need - not to mention that March shortfall of £36 I have been going on about!

Robbie Rix