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Left Unity: The spirit of ’45?

What do we hope will come out of the May 11 Left Unity conference? Following Nick Wrack’s speech at the April 27 London Communist Forum, Jack Conrad replied for the CPGB. This is an edited version of his response


Pretend mass; Unity debate; Reminder; Thanks, Maggie; Workers’ war; Solidarity

Left Unity: Need to engage with existing left groups

In April, the CPGB applied for observer status at Left Unity’s May 11 gathering. Here is the exchange of letters that resulted

Ukip success: Not just a protest vote

Ukip’s success at the county council elections reflects its voters’ prejudices, but also long-term alienation from official bourgeois politics, argues Paul Demarty

Anti-EU left: Being pulled to the right

Ukip’s anti-EU nationalism is mirrored by the CPB. Michael Copestake takes a look

Syrian bombing: Netanyahu attempts to provoke new confrontation

Over the weekend of May 4-5 Israel launched air raids against targets in Syria. Yassamine Mather and Moshé Machover, two members of the Hands Off the People of Iran steering committee, discuss the issues raised by this latest development

Second International: Imagination, inspiration and betrayal

Ben Lewis reviews: Kevin Callahan, 'Demonstration culture: European socialism and the Second International, 1889-1914' Troubador Publishing, 2010, pp324, £24.95

Appeal from the editor

Contributions have reached a worrying stand-still, writes Weekly Worker editor Peter Manson

Marxism and philosophy: A matter of Korsch

Far from making a fetish of the ‘revolutionary moment’, Karl Korsch’s seminal Marxism and philosophy is focused on preparation for revolution, writes Lawrence Parker

Safe spaces: Fear and harassment as the norm

As Stuart Hall reminds us, writes Eddie Ford, bourgeois society and its institutions are far less safe for women and children than any far-left group

Identify yourself

Robbie Rix thanks a mysterious comrade...

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