WW archive > Issue 953 - 14 March 2013

SWP special conference: Apparatus uses fair means and foul

Peter Manson asks what can still be saved from the SWP


Into the void; Nonsense; Not worth it; Alpha-rule; Off the cuff; Special offer; Unreloaded; Mixed bag; Praise indeed; Reinstate Lee

SWP and feminism: Rape is not the problem

Red-baiting and feminist attacks on the SWP must be resisted, in spite of everything, argues Paul Demarty

SWP factions: Two errors of the opposition

SWP lynchers were emboldened by a weak opposition, argues Eddie Ford

Appeal from the editor

Peter manson gives the latest update

SPEW: Peter Taaffe and his own scandal

Ben Lewis discusses SPEW’s version of ‘democratic centralism’

Women and liberation: Is feminism a dirty word?

What would Marx and Engels think of recent events in the SWP, RMT and across the British left? Camilla Power of the Radical Anthropology Group takes to task ‘dinosaur Marxists’ for refusing to treat rape as a deeply political issue

Anti-war anniversary: Party with all-round strategy needed

Moshé Machover looks back at a decade of anti-war protest. This is an edited version of his speech to the March 9 ‘Ten wasted years?’ school, organised by the CPGB

Chávez obituary: Man, myth and legacy

Nick Rogers looks at the Bolivarian revolution of Hugo Chávez

Student manifesto: Taking a stand for communism

Manifesto of Callum Williamson for University of Westminster Student Union

Fighting fund: Members only

Robbie Rix says the popularity of the Weekly Worker is proof of its value to left-wingers everywhere

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