Fighting Fund: Correct me

Robbie Rix checks his sums and thanks our supporters

Well, that’s the first time that’s happened. At the time of writing (the evening of January 30) we have received exactly £1,500 towards our January fighting fund. In other words, readers and supporters have ensured we have reached our target - which is, yes, £1,500 - with one day to spare!

The pick of this week’s donations comes from comrade AG, who is based in Italy. He sent us a cheque for €200, which I assume is for his Weekly Worker resubscription, with a little to spare - €100 actually! That works out as £86 towards the fund. Then there was comrade MC who seemingly paid his £5 monthly PayPal subscription twice. When we emailed him to point this out, he told us to cancel the sub, so I’m counting his £10 in our total too! He was among 13,138 internet readers last week, by the way.

Another nice little cheque came from KC, who sent us £25, while TR and LL both wrote one out for a tenner. Finally, standing order donations over the last seven days totalled £192 - special thanks to JT (£75), DS (£35) and PM (£30).

So - correct me if I’m wrong - this week £333 came in, all told. Add that to the £1,167 we already had and … Can you fault my maths? In fact we still have a day to go before the February fund begins. Anyone fancy making a PayPal or bank transfer?