'Anti-Germans': Excusing capitalism of role in rise of Hitler

Susann Witt-Stahl of the Hamburg-based Assoziation Dämmerung examines the enigma of the ‘anti-German’ Germans

The so-called ‘anti-German’ Germans, although they are obviously a specifically German phenomenon, should be of concern to the international left. The Antideutsche pose a big problem for the left in Germany, especially the anti-capitalist left. Their ideology can perhaps be compared to the kind of thing you will see on the blog Harry’s Place.

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We were right; Spin docs; Deserving rich; ‘Vanguard’; Labels; Splitter; Smoking

Solidarity marathon: Running through the pain

Ben Lewis calls for more donations to support the solidarity efforts of Workers Fund Iran runners

Leveson report: The dog that didn’t bark

The recommendations of the Leveson report are worse than the status quo, argues Paul Demarty - but not by much

By elections: Austerity assault intensifies

The coalition is not as ‘weak’ as last week’s election results suggest, says Peter Manson

Assoziation Dämmerung

Susann Witt-Stahl explains a little about her political group, the 'Assoziation Dämmerung'

Anti-Capitalist Initiative:Up the Swanny

The Anti-Capitalist Initiative hosted two events over the weekend of December 1-2. Mark Fischer was not impressed

Iran coup: Tudeh’s inglorious role

Torab Saleth reviews: Ervand Abrahamian, 'The coup: 1953, the CIA and the roots of modern US-Iranian relations', New Press, 2013, pp304, £16.84

Tyneside history: A legacy of struggle

David Douglass reviews: Joseph M Fewster, 'The keelmen of Tyneside: labour organisation and conflict in the north-east coal industry 1600-1830', The Boydell Press, 2011, pp232, £60

Middle East: Israel annexes more land

A UN vote giving increased recognition to Palestine has produced an Israeli show of contempt, writesTony Greenstein

Fighting fund - Streamlining

Robbie Rix reports on CPGB website version 2.0 and thanks our readers for their solidarity

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