WW archive > Issue 933 - 11 October 2012

US elections: Crazy politics and class forces

Jim Creegan examines the campaign of the Republican Party in the 2012 presidential elections


Mild peril; Arrogant; Marginalisation; Abject; Left masters; Taken to Tusc; Resist; Reinstate Ian; Mangle angle

NUS: Unreason all the way down

The National Union of Students no-platforms George Galloway, Galloway sues the NUS, the left talks nonsense throughout and Paul Demarty wonders what the hell is going on

Progress: Capitalism’s Trojan horse

Attacks on Progress should be welcomed, but should the left vote for Aslef’s rule change? Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists looks at the issues

Obituary: Unrepentance of Eric Hobsbawm

Harley Filben casts an eye over Hobsbawm's legacy

Sex: Accepting assertion as fact

Sarah McDonald reviews: Dr Brooke Magnanti The sex myth: why everything we’re told is wrong Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2012, pp272, £14.99

The Left: There’s no success like failure

Tony Greenstein bemoans the continuing self-marginalisation of Britain’s far left

SWP: Annual show of ‘democracy’

This years first Internal Bulletin is a CC dominated token effort at democratic debate. Will this change, wonders Peter Manson?

Early promise

Robbie Rix gives Weekly Worker readers a big thank you

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