WW archive > Issue 929 - 13 September 2012

The trouble with economic growth

Gabriel Levy calls for a rethink on scarcity and abundance. This is an edited version of the first part of the talk he gave to Communist University 2012


Value added; Mythology; Battle bus

An irresponsible split

Differences should be brought out into the light of day, writes Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists

Partly off one knee

The Trade Union Congress decision to consider the option of a general strike represents a small step forward, writes Mike Macnair

No such thing as a free lunch

With Madrid refusing to take a bailout and Athens still facing the possibility of default, the euro crisis is far from over, writes Eddie Ford

Police slaughter and apologetics

The Morning Star has come unstuck with its uncritical support for the ANC, writes Peter Manson

Rejection of Marxism

Continuing his examination of the various programmes of the Turkish and Kurdish left, Esen Uslu looks at the new-found ‘democratic confederalism’ of the Workers’ Party of Kurdistan

Inferno for the proletariat

Toby Abse reviews: Bill Emmott 'Good Italy, bad Italy: why Italy must conquer its demons to face the future', Yale University Press, 2012, pp299, £18.99

Scenes of collective confidence and heroism

David Douglass reviews: Peter Tuffrey, 'Yorkshire people and coal', Amberley Publishing, Stroud 2012, pp128, £12.99

Pushing the button

The Julian Assange furore is about war, not sex, argues Paul Demarty

No fortune

Robbie Rix thanks our thoughtful readers for thinking of their paper

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