WW archive > Issue 922 - 12 July 2012

Private SWP quarrels and public SWP gagging

The main role of the annual Marxism festival seems to be making new recruits and attempting to buoy up the rank and file. Peter Manson reports


NUM shambles; Sectarianism; Open to abuse; Double coup?; Head tennis

Fringe 2012

Jan Nolan reports from the CPGB fringe meetings at the SWP's Marxism Festival

Left pessimism and Tony Benn

Tony Benn and the SWP find surprising common ground, their (mis)understanding of the working class, reports Mark Fischer

Weakening our class

The SWP remains in line behind the nationalists in Scotland, reports Sarah McDonald

No line on architecture

Away from the headline showdowns some of the Marxism sessions saw SWP comrades free to speak their minds (on architecture). Emily Orford reports

Miliband clutches at banking straws

Labour’s plans for ‘root and branch’ reform of the banks will hardly touch the corruption that is endemic to the system, writes Eddie Ford

The relevance of Lenin today

Why is the Bolshevik leader ritualistically invoked, only to be demonised? Chris Cutrone of the US Platypus group examines the paradox

Tyranny, structure and red baiting pluralists

Though merger with the Labour Representation Committee was agreed at the Labour Briefing AGM, ugly accusations have followed. Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists reports

Solidarity, morality and sex

Simon Wells reviews: Gregor Gall An agency of their own: sex worker union organising Zero Books 2012, pp97, £9.99

The appeal of Syriza

The left continues to squabble over the merits of the Coalition of the Radical Left in Greece - but, argues Paul Demarty, both sides miss the point

Summer Offensive: Relax (do it!)

Mark Fischer reports on the Summer Offensive fundraising and the new CPGB website.

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