WW archive > Issue 916 - 31 May 2012

Republicanism and the form of working class rule

As the constitutional monarchy state proclaims its commitment to privilege and the status quo, Michael Copestake looks back to a rather different tradition


Myth making; Not so; Get over it!; The graduate; Soft on Occupy; Panderers; Twin peaks; Zero questions; Pub talk; Censorship; Charisma veto

Reality behind the fighting talk

The May 23-25 annual conference exposed the weaknesses of Britain's biggest civil service union, says Tina Becker

Last man standing

The Partito Democratico, dominated by ex-'official communists', is now Italy's leading party, writes Toby Abse

Upward curve

Thanks to our readers for helping us hit the fighting fund target we need, says Robbie Rix.

Joining forces against war and expulsions

Milton Keynes Hands Off the People of Iran and the local Stop the War Coalition group joined forces for a meeting on the threat of war against Iran reports Dave Isaacson.

Rewriting the past

Lawerence Parker reviews: Roger Seifert and Tom Sibley Revolutionary communist at work: a political biography of Bert Ramelson Lawrence and Wishart, 2012, pp414,

Divisions surface and split beckons

What political differences lie behind the heated arguments in the Labour Representation Committee and Labour Briefing? Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists reports on the proposed merger, and counsels against irresponsible splits

How to learn nothing

The emergence of a programme from the Occupy movement has caused a flurry of debate on the ACI website, Paul Demarty decides to join in

The crown rules Britannia

The role of the elaborate jubilee is to draw attention away from the power and nature of the crown itself, write Steve Freeman and Phil Vellender

Broad fronts and liquidationism

CPGB members have been discussing the Anti-Capitalist Initiative and the role of Communist Students. Peter Manson reports

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