Good week

Robbie Rix is delighted for once - you know what to do to keep him that way! Why not subscribe or increase your subscription today?

A donation from comrade PM has unexpectedly given our fighting fund a handsome boost, as we enter the last week of the May campaign. The comrade transferred no less than £250 directly into our account in “appreciation of all the hard work of the editorial team”. And we appreciate your appreciation, comrade.

Added to which, a total of £375 also landed in our account in the form of standing orders - thank you, DO, GD, SK, DT, MM and SP. Then there was DP, who handed over £25 in cash while visiting our office, and PB, who added a fiver to her subscription. That leaves us in the happy position of having got to within £100 of our £1,500 target with a week still to go - our running total stands at £1,405, thanks to the brilliant £655 received over the last seven days.

Just as important are the increased standing orders being taken out in payment for subscriptions to the Weekly Worker. In response to the increase in subscription charges from £10 to £12 a quarter, a number of comrades have decided to up their payments over and above this. This week comrades TB, AN and TH have notified me that they will now be paying £15 a quarter (or £5 a month), while comrade SJ, a new subscriber, is paying a most welcome £12 per month.

However, there are still a couple of dozen readers who have yet to return their completed form authorising the increased payment in line with the new rate. Please do so as soon as possible, comrades - don’t forget we are already having to fork out the extra for stamps!

Despite the fact that our online readership edged over the 10,000 mark this week (10,012), nobody made use of our PayPal facility. Still, I can’t complain - £655, after all, represents quite a good week.