WW archive > Issue 915 - 24 May 2012

Planless G8 leaders face abyss

Angela Merkel and the European Central Bank seem determined to resist calls for Eurobonds and a 'Marshall Plan'-style stimulus package, says Eddie Ford


Confusion; Poor ending; Left fail; Politicise; Trotskyists?; So what?

End the cycle of splits

If the left is to build a serious political organisation it will have to facilitate internal dissent, writes Mike Macnair. And that will require both majorities and minorities to act responsibly

Good week

Robbie Rix is delighted for once - you know what to do to keep him that way! Why not subscribe or increase your subscription today?

Iran and Islamophobia

Is there something suspect about the opposition of Hands Off the People of Iran to the Iranian theocracy? Yassamine Mather answers some of the allegations

Vauxhall: defeat for all car workers

Peter Manson reports on a deal that represents an attack on working conditions

Syriza in the spotlight

For a long time it was almost unknown outside Greece - but now the world's eyes are on Syriza. Paul Demarty examines the new thorn in the troika's side

The fall of an icon

David Douglass reviews Gregor Gall's 'Tommy Sheridan, from hero to zero: a political biography', Welsh Academic Press, 2012, pp384,

Split looming in Die Linke

The success of the gimmicky Piratenpartei has strengthened the right within the German Left Party, says Tina Becker

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