PayPal or cheque - Robbie Rix doesn't care how you do it. But please donate!

This week our readers donated a total of £270 towards our April fighting fund target of £1,500, which takes our running total to £1,130 with four days to go. So we now need £370 by Monday April 30 - can you help us make it?

There is still time to post us a cheque if you do it straightaway, or else use our PayPal facility on our website, or transfer your donation to our account (sort code: 30-99-64; account number: 00744310). Making the full £1,500 and more will ensure we at least meet our current running costs.

But from that same date those costs will increase hugely, thanks to Royal Mail’s price hike of over 30% - postage alone will go up by well over £100 a month. We have therefore decided that, while the cover price will remain at £1, a subscription will increase by £10 a year, from £50 to £60, as from May 1. If you pay by standing order, the new quarterly payment will be £12 - in other words, you can keep down the cost of your subscription to below current levels if you switch to standing order. Fill in the form on the back page or download it from our website. Or you can still get a year’s sub at £50 if you pay by Monday.

Of course, a number of comrades do not take a hard copy, but read us online (once more, unfortunately, I am unable to tell you how many web readers we had last week because of a technical problem). They have been joined by comrade DL, who has just ended his subscription for the print version. But he is continuing his standing order to the paper and, what is more, has sent us a cheque for £15 on top!

Thanks to DL and to all other comrades who donated this week.