WW archive > Issue 901 - 16 February 2012

Global fight for reforms

Mike Macnair concludes his article on the alternative to nationalistic Keynesianism


Meat, two veg; Denying denial; Stupid?; Huge bias; Save them; UCS myth; Snippet; Quick questions; Stop quibbling; Ground them

Not ungrateful

Robbie Rix is happy to see the paypal button is getting some use, but the Weekly Worker needs more regular funding, why not take out a standing order?

Threats, opposition and solidarity

On what basis should we mobilise against an attack on Iran? Not by calling a truce on our opposition to the Islamic regime, argues Yassamine Mather

Preparing for military action

John McDonnell's speech to the February 11 meeting of Hands Off the People of Iran

Danger of default catastrophe remains

Greece's economy has been driven into almost unprecedented depths by the relentless austerity measures, writes Eddie Ford

Centralism and autonomy

Michael Copestake reports from the most recent CPGB aggregate

Tories wobbling over health bill

As Camreron attempts to push through his disastrous Health and Social Care Bill cracks have opened up in the government, Peter Manson examines the issue.

Free Abu-Qatada

The rights and freedoms of Abu Qatada must be protected, no matter how politcally odious he personally may be, says James Turley.

SUPPLEMENT: Falling out over a Cliff

Was Lenin a lying manoeuvrer? Were the Bolsheviks a cult led by an all-knowing leader and staffed by narrow-minded minions? Lars T Lih joins in the debate over Tony Cliff's biography and debunks some myths held by both left and right

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