WW archive > Issue 899 - 02 February 2012

Mangling the party of Lenin

Opportunist twists and turns and the perversion of democratic centralism have characterised the Socialist Workers Party and the groups it has influenced, including the US International Socialist Organization. But where did these practices originate? Former ISO member Pham Binh examines the method employed by SWP founder Tony Cliff


Got it wrong; Nationalist?; Dancing; Counterposition; Templater; PSC witch-hunt; Preacher man; Bastard; Take time; The other SP

Monti prepares for fresh attacks

The nature of the Italian resistance to austerity has so far been contradictory, writes Toby Abse

Choose your conspiracy

Dave Douglass reviews Robert Green's A thorn in their side: the Hilda Murrell murder Rata Books, 2011, pp208,

Fool's paradise at Davos

Even though Greece continues to edge closer to default, writes Eddie Ford, there has been yet more inaction by global 'leaders'

Taking the Chinese road

This week, Dilma Rousseff, the president of Brazil, makes her first state visit to Cuba. James Turley sees another step from Stalinism to capitalism.

Normalised duplicity

Yassamine Mather reviews new film A separation, directed by Asghar Farhadi, on general release.

Opposing imperialism does not mean supporting oppression

Anti-war protest disrupted by attack on supporters of the Iranian green movement. Ben Lewis reports

Blank cheque

The January fighting fund target was missed by a whisker (or two). But Robbie Rix remains optimistic and asks readers to push that paypal button.

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