WW archive > Issue 890 - 17 November 2011

Has capitalism reached the end of the line?

Mike Macnair spoke to the November 12 CPGB aggregate on the Marxist understanding of the crisis. This is an edited version of his speech


Miner insult; Republican?; Expediency; Sexgate; Stalin erred; Fees and cuts

Marxist education not rote learning

Communists in the CPGB will be prioritising the study of the fundamentals of Marxism, focussing initially on Marx's political economy, to combat the Keynesian quackery prevalent on the left, reports Alex John

Call for ILP to join Communist International

Communists counter the apathy that was devastating the ILP

Neglect and chauvinism

The second Van earthquake has once again exposed the Turkish state's twisted priorities, writes Esen Uslu

Technocrats and bankers take over

As the entire establishment falls in behind the new cabinet of bureaucrats, writes Toby Abse, Italian workers must prepare for the attacks that lie ahead

Love, mud and misery in Yorkshire

Jim Moody reviews Andrea Arnold's (director) 'Wuthering Heights' 2011, general release

Star's financial crisis

Robbie Rix thinks it wholly undesirable that the paper should depend on an exploitative elite

Debating the republic and extreme democracy

Ben Lewis reports on some interesting exchanges at the 'Historical Materialism' weekend

Carrot and stick

Francis Maude's idiotic '15-minute strike' suggestion reveals a disquiet at the heart of the government, argues James Turley

Non-political politics

Michael Copestake has been talking to the occupiers at Sheffield Cathedral

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