WW archive > Issue 89 - 06 April 1995

Vote Communist on May 4!

Workers have no faith in either Labour or the Tories. But you can use your vote positively


Killer deserves praise; Same old rag; Lone canoeist; Sylvia Pye Appeal; Communist history

Education battle goes on

Healthworkers’ pay unity under threat

Nurses demand a national three percent pay rise - but this is a pay cut in real terms

Fish wars

Mystery of the missing millions

The Weekly Worker has received the document below from an anonymous contributor. We believe it may be connected with the 2½% pay offer made to the three rail unions in response to their claim for a “substantial rise” - just a week after British Rail announced profits in excess of £400m

‘Middle England’ moves centre stage

Major makes his appeal to middle England

BBC faces both ways

New realist disease hits NUS

DRI fight hots up

Do you feel good?

Communists debate with SML

Defending the pretence of socialism

Vic Turner, Labour councillor in the east London borough of Newham, is also a supporter of the Communist Party. He gives his view on the left’s attitude to clause four

Shock exposé: Che Guevara human!

The ‘New Poor’ and the Always Poor

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, April 8 1920

Fighting fund

Phil Kent reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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