WW archive > Issue 888 - 03 November 2011

Principled opposition, not constitutional cretinism

Mike Macnair explains what is wrong with 'a Labour government for its own sake'


Enough said; Mind and matter; Britain's road; I object; Print death

Printing cock-up

Robbie Rix knows you can do it

Waking the dead

A Tory MEP has attracted derision for his loopy beliefs in the paranormal - but he is merely the tip of an iceberg of absurd mumbo-jumbo, argues James Turley

No alternative posed

Anne Mc Shane sees the economy and the failing capitalist system as the central question in Ireland

Political naives and coffee cobblers

Jim Moody concludes his review of this year's London Film Festival

Lenin and the United States of Europe

Jack Conrad takes issue with the attempt to recruit Lenin to the CPB nationalist camp

State fault lines exposed

Esen Uslu reports on the tremors that devastated Van province and examines the horrors perpetrated by official bureaucracy

Referendum gamble plunges euro still deeper into crisis

European leaders are stumbling from one crisis to another, writes Eddie Ford

Keeping it small

Tina Becker argues that we urgently need to start the process of building a real political alternative

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