WW archive > Issue 887 - 27 October 2011

Euro: disaster beckons

Another summit, another failure. Despite repeated attempts to 'stop the rot' and save the euro there is still no sign of a 'comprehensive plan', writes Eddie Ford


Sepia; Nuclear vs coal; Swinging; Hypocritical; Whole point; Implicit threat; What are you doing?; Crisis and cuts; Sustainable

Living in the end times

Ben Lewis reviews Lars von Trier's Melancholia (Nordisk Films, 2011, general release)

Vile class-collaboration on display at Westminster

Peter Manson looks at the reaction of the Morning Star to the defeat of the Commons motion for a referendum on the European Union

Rankings and the long statistical tail

Robbie Rix welcomes our extra readers

A better version of social democracy

At its conference in Erfurt on October 21-23, the German left party Die Linke agreed a new programme. Edith Bartelmus-Scholich reports

An inconvenient execution

The death of Gaddafi will not bring freedom to Libya, argues James Turley

Finding a wide resonance

Simon Wells is impressed by what he has witnessed outside St Paul's cathedral

Images of a slaughtered past

David Douglass reviews Peter Tuffrey, Doncaster's collieries (Amberley Publishing, 2011, pp128,

Questioning Irish tactics

Our history: The CPGB faced the urgent task of developing a policy towards Ireland.

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