Booking up

Robbie Rix with an update on the fighting fund

Special thanks this week to comrade RA, who gave a £20 donation to the Weekly Worker alongside his payment for the two new CPGB books, our revised Draft programme and Head to head in Halle.

Readers of the print version of this paper will have seen our regular ads for these two works, both of which have just had their second print run after the first sold out within a few weeks. The second run is also going well, with a steady flow of orders still coming in. Halle - based on the rival speeches of Zinoviev and Martov before the 1920 congress of the Independent Social Democrats in Germany - carries two fine introductory essays from Ben Lewis and Lars T Lih on this key debate, translated for the first time into English.

Why not follow the example of comrade RA and add a donation to the £15 cover price? If you buy both books the price is £20, including postage, but if you feel that is a small sum … And please remember to specify that any donation is for the Weekly Worker.

Apart from RA’s £30, the last week has been a pretty poor one. We need £1,250 every month, but we now have just £455 and we are almost halfway through October. Thanks also to comrades SM, DV, GD and CF for their standing orders and to KT (whose cheque we are expecting any day now!).

We had 12,645 online readers last week, but I’m sorry to say that none of them donated to our fighting fund. Please make use of that ‘Make a donation’ button and help make sure we get the cash we need.