WW archive > Issue 885 - 13 October 2011

The tiny cog and its mechanical mindset

Peter Manson reviews the first of three SWP pre-conference bulletins


Pep talk; Name handicap; Synchrony; Not going away; Not credible; Anti-politics

Jailbirds, lovers and Chinese bureaucrats

Jim Moody looks at some of the films on offer at this year's London Film Festival

The crisis is financial, it is not economic

Taking issue with Mike Macnair, Arthur Bough insists that the global economy remains in a long-wave upswing and advocates the setting up of workers' cooperatives

Overcoming sectarianism

Pat Byrne was the last of three comrades to address the CPGB's Communist University in a session entitled 'They fuck you up, the left'. This is an edited version of his speech

'Unity' on what terms?

Our history: the CPGB responds to overtures from Labour

Booking up

Robbie Rix with an update on the fighting fund

Death by a thousand cuts

With the clock ticking on the euro zone and the UK in danger of slipping in another recession, there is still no sign of 'bold vision' or a 'comprehensive strategy' from the ruling class, argues Eddie Ford

Labour needs Marxism

Workers must aim to take the organisations of the movement - including the Labour Party - away from the bureaucracy's control. Alex John reports on last weekend's aggregate of CPGB members

Not so memorable

The decline in the anti-war movement has left the STWC all at sea, argues Harley Filben

Guarding the chicken coop

James Turley looks at the unfolding Liam Fox scandal

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