WW archive > Issue 882 - 22 September 2011

Facing the grim reaper

Everyone can see the danger of a crash, from the IMF to the Financial Times. But, asks Eddie Ford, where is the Marshall Plan or New Deal?


Moving right; Jarrow heroes; 0.1% in the know; Phased out


Robbie Rix gives thanks for increased standing orders

Die Linke booted out

After 10 years, the German left party has been voted out of the Berlin city coalition government, reports Tina Becker. But instead of criticisms of its participation there are calls for a show of false 'unity' to win back support

Proper sites, not eviction

Travellers must be free to follow the lifestyle of their choice, writes Peter Manson

Shoot the messenger

Bourgeois political power is not as unassailable as they would like us to think. Our rulers can be relied upon, periodically, to split. James Turley looks at the botched attempt of the Metropolitan Police to use the Official Secrets Act

Supporting Labour to destroy Labourism

Lenin and the CPGB assess the Labour Party in 1920

Four victims of industrial demise

David Douglass looks at the background to last week's tragic events at Gleision pit in south Wales

Mired in sleaze, Berlusconi reaches end of the road

Italy's crisis is not purely economic, writes Toby Abse. The corruption of the political elite has contributed to its credit downgrading

Organising for an alternative vision

Student unions are not like trade unions, argues Mike Macnair. Unity must be built primarily around politics, not 'student issues'

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