WW archive > Issue 873 - 07 July 2011

From Tony Cliff to Alex Callinicos

Peter Manson looks at the leadership pecking order and calls for the SWP to open up


Useful Platypus; Abstract slogan; Here and now; Straight talking; Save Dale Farm; Harare trial

Plymouth: Bigger picture

Daniel Trevenna saw a newly discovered radicalism and workers' solidarity

Southampton: All in it together

Callum Williamson witnessed an encouraging appetite to fight on

Get dialling!

Mark Fischer looks forward to some pleasant surprises

Scotland: Independence fight looms

Scotland is not an oppressed nation, declares James Turley

Care provision should be free, not for profit

Care for older people should not be dependent upon a cruel postcode lottery or private provision. Eddie Ford looks at the Dilnot report into the current state of care for the elderly

On the brink of a general strike

Issues of 'The Communist' from 1920 show the CPGB fully behind the miners

June 30: Bigger, better, more coordinated

Rank and file pressure must be brought to bear not only within the unions, writes Michael Copestake, but on the Labour leadership too

Marxism 2011: Impressions from sectarian alley

Ben Lewis found the SWP a lot less hostile than in previous years

Milton Keynes: Important step forward

Next time, coordinated strike action by millions, writes Dave Isaacson

Marxism 2011: The situation is excellent ...

Harley Filben heard a debate initially consisting of filling in blanks

Marxism 2011: Fringe benefits

Leo Godwin reports on two successful and well attended CPGB meetings

London: Grounds for optimism

Hopefully it will be a rather hot autumn, writes Ben Lewis

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