From Tony Cliff to Alex Callinicos

Peter Manson looks at the leadership pecking order and calls for the SWP to open up

Organisationally the Socialist Workers Party’s annual Marxism festival took a step forward this year with the relocation to University College London and the nearby Friends Meeting House. The June 30-July 4 school took place within a smaller, more compact area - at its centre the imposing UCL quad. And the SWP claimed a bigger attendance than in recent years. According to Socialist Worker, it was 4,500 - the most for a decade.

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Useful Platypus; Abstract slogan; Here and now; Straight talking; Save Dale Farm; Harare trial

Plymouth: Bigger picture

Daniel Trevenna saw a newly discovered radicalism and workers' solidarity

Southampton: All in it together

Callum Williamson witnessed an encouraging appetite to fight on

Get dialling!

Mark Fischer looks forward to some pleasant surprises

Scotland: Independence fight looms

Scotland is not an oppressed nation, declares James Turley

Care provision should be free, not for profit

Care for older people should not be dependent upon a cruel postcode lottery or private provision. Eddie Ford looks at the Dilnot report into the current state of care for the elderly

On the brink of a general strike

Issues of 'The Communist' from 1920 show the CPGB fully behind the miners

June 30: Bigger, better, more coordinated

Rank and file pressure must be brought to bear not only within the unions, writes Michael Copestake, but on the Labour leadership too

Marxism 2011: Impressions from sectarian alley

Ben Lewis found the SWP a lot less hostile than in previous years

Milton Keynes: Important step forward

Next time, coordinated strike action by millions, writes Dave Isaacson

Marxism 2011: The situation is excellent ...

Harley Filben heard a debate initially consisting of filling in blanks

Marxism 2011: Fringe benefits

Leo Godwin reports on two successful and well attended CPGB meetings

London: Grounds for optimism

Hopefully it will be a rather hot autumn, writes Ben Lewis

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