Fighting fund

Despite the cold people were queuing up to sign the CPGB petition against closing Dundee Royal Infirmary at the Wellgate shopping centre on Saturday. A hospital cleaner told Mary Ward “It is a bloody disgrace. My ward has been closed and I do not know what is going to happen to my job.”

Dominic Handley, candidate for Lochee, knows that being elected to Dundee shadow council will not in itself solve working class problems. “But I am standing to use the council chambers as a working class platform from which to organise our class against council cuts.”

Whilst campaigning for the elections comrades in Dundee raised £105 for the Party’s election fund. We need an extra push this week to reach our £6,000 target for March. Comrades in London have pulled out the stops to make sure our election campaigns in Scotland on April 6 and the rest of the country on May 4 are a success. But their work needs to be generalised throughout the country this week to make sure we reach the target.

Remember, comrades, Scotland would also welcome your physical support for the last week of the campaign.

Phil Kent