WW archive > Issue 866 - 19 May 2011

Same hymn sheet

Ben Lewis introduces another excerpt from his translation of Karl Kautsky's 'Republic and social democracy in France'- published in English for the first time


Zero sum gain; Internationalist; No apologies; Pointless; Defeatist; No mention; Dreary; Cell mate; Platypus; Misconceptions; De rigueur

Re-enacting Nakba crimes

Ever since 1948 Israel had been engaged in trying to erase the collective memory of the Nakba, writes Tony Greenstein

God's representative in Tehran sees off 12th Shia imam fan

What lies behind the power struggle in Iran? Yassamine Mather looks at the contending factions

Theoretical dead end

The US Platypus group is in the borderlands of two types of left, argues Mike Macnair in the second of two articles

Second Republic and the socialists

The second part of Karl Kautsky's 1905 work, 'Republic and social democracy', translated by Ben Lewis

A few coppers

Many of our readers are motivated by a political vision, writes Robbie Rix

Hacks versus celebrities

James Turley argues that a whole cultural-ideological system needs to be overcome

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