Double likes

Robbie Rix thanks internet donors

Our March fund ended with just £15 received on the final day (thanks to new subscriber JD for the extra donation), giving us a total of £1,347.

So we passed our £1,250 target with a bit to spare and we have also got off to a good start in April - we have exactly £300 in just six days.

I know for a fact how much the specific Weekly Worker message is appreciated from talking to people at the huge TUC demo last week and I am hoping that this will translate into both an increased readership and the more regular fulfilling of our fighting fund target.

One of those who contributed this week was GJ, who writes: “What I like about you is double! You say we should all unite and you say we should all keep our principles!” Well, that sums it up, I suppose - sort of. Thanks for the tenner, GJ. Thanks also to those internet donors, who made use of our PayPal facility: £25 from CM, a monthly £5 from EJ and £10 from DV, in addition to his usual standing order. We had 12,221 online readers last week, by the way.

Talking of standing orders, 13 of them hit our account during the week. Brilliant! And a big ‘thank you’ to new CPGB supporter EL for her £20 cheque and to FJ for the generous £25 added to his sub.

Keep it coming, comrades!