WW archive > Issue 860 - 07 April 2011

Serwotka gives a lead - TUC must follow

The TUC has had leadership of the anti-cuts movement thrust upon it, writes Peter Manson. But the left must look to the long term


Ultra-leftism; Abundant; No Galloway vote; My perspective; What else?; Fight goes on; Freedom bombs; Useless; Sensuous; Manipulative

Double likes

Robbie Rix thanks internet donors

Making plans

Communist Students convened in Manchester for its annual conference on April 2. Greg Compton reports

National committee endorses anti-intervention line

The Labour Representation Committee's national committee met in Preston on Saturday April 2, its first out-of-London meeting since the January AGM enlarged the NC to include delegates from local LRC groups. Greater London deputy delegate Stan Keable reports

Stop fostering illusions

Dave Vincent also takes issue with the CPGB's aim of transforming the Labour Party and asks: What is up with some leading lights within the CPGB?

The Leninist bludgeon

CPGB's first congress debated inter-party relations

No united front with Gaddafi

Those who are waiting for a 'pure' opposition will wait forever, writes James Turley

Stop treating the working class like sheep

General strikes are a tactic, not a strategy. Michael Copestake attends a local meeting of the SWP

Labour dead end and our strategy

Chris Strafford takes issue with the CPGB's aim of transforming the Labour Party

Aiming for a party

Anne Mc Shane demands that revolutionaries must put forward ideas that deal with what is really happening in the world

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