WW archive > Issue 857 - 17 March 2011

Kick Lord Hutton out of the Labour Party

Those who collaborate with the Con-Lib Dem coalition betray the working class and bring discredit to the Labour Party, writes Eddie Ford


LSA dies a death; 30th century; Postpone Pride; Time, comrades; Diversity class; Proportional; Allende vote; No to AV; Alternative view

Anarchist origins of the 'general strike' slogan

We set up this debate in response to widespread calls from the Trotskyist left for the TUC to call a general strike against the cuts. This is Mike Macnair's opening

The errors and pitfalls of general-strikism

The March 12 London Communist Forum featured a discussion between Mike Macnair of the CPGB and David Broder of The Commune

Capitalism with Chinese characteristics

Ben Lewis wonders why some still consider China a model for socialist development

In it together

Our monthly fighting fund total creeps up far too slowly for Robbie Rix's liking

New organs of power

Opening by David Broder (The Commune) at the March 12 London Communist Forum

Their busted flush and ours

Laurie Smith is not impressed by the left's performance in Sheffield

Just the start

Dave Isaacson witnessed an overwhelmingly positive public response in Northampton

Release the six

Peter Manson calls for solidarity with Zimbabwean comrades

Cracks in state apparatus

We have to face the full social role of the police squarely, writes James Turley

In Liebknecht's footsteps

For and against a platform in the House of Commons: discussion at the founding congress of the Communist Party of Great Britain

Mysteries and controversies

David Douglass continues the debate about the miners' Great Strike

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