WW archive > Issue 855 - 03 March 2011

Middle East comes to Midwest USA

Jim Creegan reports on the class struggles in Wisconsin


Million march; Pentacle plan; Critical 'yes'; UnMarxist; Better slogans; ESA nightmare


Robbie Rix asks readers not to take the Weekly Worker for granted

No imperialist interventions

Communists oppose western meddling in Libya, writes Eddie Ford. Rather it is the masses themselves who must overthrow the Gaddafi regime

The leadership of 'events'

Andrew Coates unravels Slavoj Žižek's 'communist hypothesis'

Lady Gaga and the 'gay gene'

The pop singer says LGBT people were 'born this way'. Maciej Zurowski is not so sure

Economic meltdown sees left advance

The ULA will hope to be at the centre of an extra-parliamentary movement against the cutbacks, writes Pat Corcoran

No champions of democracy

David Cameron's gun-toting trade tour is a much-needed reminder of imperialism's real interest in the Middle East, writes James Turley

Stalinist barriers to study and thought

Paul B Smith concludes his call for a renewed Marxist culture

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