WW archive > Issue 849 - 20 January 2011

Masses in revolt

The people have succeeded in sending one dictatorial president packing. But the old regime remains intact. James Turley argues for a pan-Arab revolution led by the working class


Curmudgeons; Historical documents; Scottish lessons; Scottish disaster; Anti-elitist leadership

Wedded to left reformists

Chris Strafford argues that nothing positive can be learnt from the National Left Wing Movement and the Communist Party's intervention in the Labour Party in the 1920s

Standing out

Don't wait to be asked, says Robbie Rix

Shattered illusions

The left's general election campaign is beginning to make an impact, writes Anne Mc Shane

Applying Bolshevism

Though the founding congress of the Communist Party of Great Britain revealed political strengths and weaknesses there was a determination to apply the lessons of Bolshevism to Britain

No to fake new regime

London-based Tunisian socialist Nadim Mahjoub looks forward to an Arab revolution. Ben Lewis spoke to him

Good turnout, timid politics

Lee Rock, CPGB representative on the Coalition of Resistance's national council, reports on its first meeting

Marxism and theoretical overkill

Mike Macnair reviews Jairus Banaji's 'History as theory: essays on modes of production and exploitation' Historical Materialism books series, Vol 25, Leiden, 2010, pp406, £81

Cuts and rebuilding

Unison Labour Link activist Stan Keable reports on the Labour Representation Committee's AGM

Police agents exposed

Mark Kennedy was not the only spy to infiltrate the eco-protest movement. It is endemic, argues Eddie Ford

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